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A wind mitigation inspection is a visual examination of a home’s ability to withstand damage during a windstorm. During the inspection, our licensed home inspector will examine various features of your home and note how well your home will withstand severe wind speeds. The inspector will also makes notes on improvements that will make the property more wind resistant. A Wind Mitigation Report is created based upon the findings. From $125

Wind Mitigation Report

Wind Mitigation Report

Your Wind Mitigation Report not only examines how well your home is presently able to withstand wind, it will also list measures you can take to minimize potential damage during a severe wind event. You can use this report to prioritize home improvement projects, such as installing new windows and doors or having the roofing replaced.

Insurance Premium Discount

Earn Significant Discounts on Your Insurance Premiums

Under Florida law, insurance companies are required to give discounts on homeowner’s insurance for structures that pass a wind mitigation inspection. Your discount will be based on the risk rating your home receives during the inspection. If you have recently replaced your roof and the new roof is up to the most recent code, you will most likely qualify for additional credits. Your savings can be significant, far outweighing the cost of the inspection and providing an immediate payback and return on investment.

To receive wind mitigation discounts, your report must be less than five years old, even if your home’s characteristics have not changed. The inspector can advise you on items that need to be brought up to code and wind mitigation features you can install to increase your discount. Check with your insurance agent if you are unsure when your wind mitigation report expires.

The wind mitigation inspection covers the following items:

Building Code Compliance

We will determine if your home was built in compliance with the Florida Building Code 2001 or later or South Florida Building Code 94.

Roof Covering

We will record the type of roof covering and material, whether the roof has been replaced and if roof coverings were approved by Florida building codes at the time of installation.

Roof-deck Attachment

We will determine how well your roof deck is secured to the truss/rafter and the strength of the attachment, along with the spacing and length of the nails that attach the roof sheathing to the roof truss/rafter.

Roof-to-wall Attachment

We will identify how well your roof is attached to the walls of your home. There are eight types of connections: (A) toenails, (B) clips, (C) single wraps, (D) double wraps, (E) anchor bolt, (F) other, (G) unknown, and (H) no attic access. Double wraps are considered the strongest type of connection. Toenails are considered the weakest.

Roof Geometry

The shape of your roof has a big impact on how well your home withstands strong winds. The inspection form identifies three roof shapes: hip roof, flat roof, and other. Hip roofs slope down on all sides and help resist clashes with hurricane winds. For that reason, they tend to get a bigger insurance discount.

Secondary Water Resistance

This part of the inspection determines if your home has a protective layer under the primary layer of the roof.

Opening Protection

The final part of the wind mitigation inspection covers “glazed openings” (i.e., openings with windows or glass) and “non-glazed openings” (e.g., entry doors and garage doors) and how impact resistant they are. The inspector will identify shatterproof windows, bracing on the garage door, hurricane-rated doors, and storm shutters and panels.

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